• 1st APB Forum, Spring 2016

    Privacy Laws and Practices in Asia



    - Jinghong Xu (Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, Beijing Normal University)

    - Jian Wang (Professor, University of International Business and Economics)

    • How is Personal Information Protected in China
    • Legal Action for Privacy Protection
    • The Growth of Global B2C E-Commerce and the Importance of Personal Information and Privacy
    • What is APEC Doing for Privacy Protection
    • The Challenges and Concerns in China

    Hong Kong

    - Fanny WONG, Deputy Commissioner (Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data)

    • The Need for Amendment of Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
    • Paradigm Shift in the Personal information (Privacy) Protection


    - Yoichiro Itakura, Attorney (Hikari Sogoh Law Offices)

    • Background of the Amendment of Personal Information Protection Act
    • Clearer Definition of “Personal Information”
    • Establishment of Personal Information Protection Commission (PPC)
    • Globalization
    • Additional Amendments

    South Korea

    - Jong Hyun Park (Director, The Ministry of Interior)
    - Jongsoo (Jay) Yoon (Attorney, Lee & Ko’s Law Firm)
    - Tai Myoung Chung (Professor, Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

    • Structure and features of Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) in Korea
    • Restriction on Management of Resident Registration Numbers (RRN)
    • Adoption of a stronger scheme for recovery of damages
    • Regulations Governing Cross-border Transfers of Personal Information
    • Regulation on Smartphone Access
    • Guidelines for Protection of Big Data Personal Information
    • Trends and Strategies for Privacy Protection