Day 2 Program
Friday, September 10th

Executive Session
Time     Program
10:00AM ~ 10:10AM     o Opening
        Moderator: Beomsoo Kim (Korea)
                           Barun ICT Research Center, Yonsei University

                           Chair, Asia Privacy Bridge Forum
                           Dean, Professor, Graduate School of Information
                           Executive Director, Barun ICT Research Center, Yonsei University
                           OECD, Vice-Chair of Data Governance and Privacy (DGP)
10:10AM ~ 10:50AM     o Post-workshop, 2021 APEC Project
        Improving Cross-Border Effectiveness of Personal Data Breach Notification

        Gillian Kular, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (Canada)
        Junichi Ishii, Personal Information Protection Commission (Japan)
        Joan Therese Medalla, National Privacy Commission (Phillippines)
        Mohd Afizi bin Mohd Shukran, National Defence University of Malaysia (Malaysia)
        Claire Seungeun Lee, University of Massachusetts Lowell (USA)
        Jing Huey Khor, University of Southampton Malaysia (Malaysia)
        Taein Jung, Korea Internet & Security Agency (Korea)
11:00AM ~     o Closing